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Akamai Incorporates Adobe Primetime Server-Side Ad Insertion

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At the NAB conference today, content delivery network Akamai announced that it will integrate Adobe Primetime ad insertion into its network. The partnership, the company said, will merge Akamai's scale with Primetime's ad technology.

With server-side ad insertion, ads are blended with the video content at the network level. Server-side insertion lets publishers deliver ads to a wide range of devices, and the companies are building in a client-side failsafe to catch the rest. The server-side plan will scale to accommodate much larger viewing audiences, offer less buffering for viewers, and bring protection against ad-blocking software since all the content is delivered in a single stream. The server-side offering should also bring clearer and more granular ad metrics, and well as improved troubleshooting abilities.

The integration is currently being tested by Red Bull Media House and Turner Broadcasting. Akamai and Adobe expect it to go into beta testing in the second quarter of this year, and launch commercially in the third quarter.

“The collaboration with Akamai and Adobe simplifies online video ad delivery, and helps Red Bull Media House effectively monetize its content across platforms and devices,” says Andi Gall CTO for Red Bull Media House.

Akamai will demonstrate the solution at its booth during the NAB conference.

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