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JW Player Debuts SDK for iOS Devices, JW Player Version 6.12

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Video player company JW Player announced this morning the launch of its iOS SDK (software development kit). With the SDK, publishers can add JW Player abilities to their native iOS apps, including video playback and video ad insertion. The company notes that publishers can control the user experience as well as in-app branding.

Features of the iOS SDK include the ability to stream adaptive HLS video over any network, support for resolutions up to 1080p, live and on-demand video support, and AES encryption for HLS video. For advertising, the SDK supports VAST pre-, mid-, and post-roll ads, as well as skippable ad units.

Publishers can use the SDK to deliver audio-only streams, as well (including AAC, MP3, and HLS audio), stream progressive download MP4 video, and customize the player controls in full screen mode. Viewers can watch in either portrait or landscape orientation.

"This SDK provides full adaptive HLS support and UX customization, but also VMAP/VAST ad insertion, enabling publishers to use the same video content and ad providers in their native iOS apps that they use in their JW Player for the web," says John Luther, vice president of connected devices at JW Player.

JW Player released an Android SDK in February.

At the same time, JW Player is announcing the release of JW Player 6.12, which adds support for Microsoft HLS Azure Clear Key AES tokenization, reduces buffering with improved HLS adaptive heuristics for predictive analysis, and adds HLS support for Chromecast.

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