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JW Player Releases 6.11 Update, Focuses on HLS Performance

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JW Player announced the release of the 6.11 version of its eponymous media player today. The biggest improvements this time are to HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) support and performance.

"Support for high quality, feature-rich, and great-performing HLS has been a hallmark feature of JW Player. and we have dramatically improved HLS performance in terms of startup speed, seek accuracy, and speed to playback after seeking in JW Player 6.11," says Adam Greenbaum, JWPlayer's vice president of product.

This version updates HLS support to the current Apple standard: Protocol 6 (draft 13). Users gain new functionality such as multiple audio tracks, in-stream WebVTT subtitling, and ID3 timed metadata in audio and video streams, Greenbaum adds. The company promises up to 50 percent faster video streaming performance on startup and seeking.

The player gains Chromecast support in Flash, so viewers can cast Flash videos to their Chromecast devices. It also gains automatic language detection—selecting the correct audio track or closed captions for each viewer—and time-based metadata, which lets publishers support advanced viewing features such as showing sports scores or adding ad break information to live streams.

JW Player 6.11 is now available to publishers using the Free, Pro, Premium, Enterprise, and Ads versions of the player. 

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