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Panopto Releases v4.7 Update to Video Capture and Management System

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Panopto, which creates video platforms for education and enterprise, has announced an update to its video capture and management system. With version 4.7, the platform now offers an end-to-end HLS video workflow, which lets organizations record and stream HTML5 video using the H.264 and AAC codecs.

Panopto says this addition makes it the first to offer multi-stream HTML5 video. Customers can use the company's HTML5 player for playback and search, or for creating time-stamped notes. Panopto also offers an embeddable HTML5 player for basic viewing.

With this update, Panopto is introducing a system called "snap-ins" that let customers modify functionality on any web page. Customers can choose snap-ins for video search (searching either a collection or the words within a video), one-click recording and upload, and playlist embedding. Panopto notes that snap-ins can be integrated with any learning management system (LMS) and popular content management systems (CMS).

In addition to the platform upgrade, Panopto is announcing the release of a rack-mountable video capture appliance, created with Seneca Data. The appliance offers three configuration options: single-channel HD and SD, dual-channel HD, and quad-channel HD.

In October, Panopto, Kaltura, and Qumu were recognized by Gartner as leaders in enterprise video content management, when Gartner released its latest magic quadrant for that area.

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