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The 2019 Streaming Media 50 Coming in July

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For almost a decade, Streaming Media has been publishing our annual list of the most important, most innovative, and just plain most interesting vendors in the online video market. We started creating the list in 2011 as the Streaming Media 100, but in the last few years the space has both matured and fragmented, we decided last year to narrow it down to the Streaming Media 50, "to provide our readers with a list of the cream of the crop, the companies that are here today and won't be gone tomorrow."

For our list, we focus exclusively on technology vendors, and not the content companies, OTT services, and broadcasters that use them. We also decided to create a separate list that highlights vendors in the video production space, the Streaming Media Producer 25.

This year, we've moved the publication of the Streaming Media 50 from the October issue of Streaming Media magazine to July/August. That means our contributing editors are already hard at work poring over our database of vendors—the most comprehensive in the industry—and assessing those companies and their impact on the marketplace in 2019. And while we don't have a formal nomination form, we're keen to make sure that we give every company its due.

So we're asking vendors who want to make sure they're considered to send us a note outlining why, exactly, they think they should be considered for the 2019 Streaming Media 50 list. Whether it's because of innovations in technology, expanded market share, or an especially compelling customer list, we want to hear about it. And don't worry: All information shared with us will be kept confidential, seen only by our contributing editors.

Please send your pitches to me at erics@streamingmedia.com no later than May 31, and don't hesitate to email me with any questions.

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