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The urgent need for social distancing created by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, and resulting restrictions on in-person gatherings of nearly any size have rapidly ushered in unprecedented challenges for houses of worship, health care providers, educational institutions, media organizations, conference producers, and businesses large and small. As these organizations struggle to maintain operations and quickly find ways to replicate the face-to-face, meeting-oriented opportunities they traditionally provide, deliver their messages, support their constituencies, or continue to monetize their offerings, more and more are turning to a range of technologies and services that enable them to virtualize their events. Streaming and on-demand video are essential to many of these virtualization strategies.

Questions abound about how this will work: What new equipment is required? What services are available? How quickly can they get up and running? What will they cost? And (in some cases), how can they be monetized?

And also: Who is pursuing virtual event strategies? What are their plans? What kinds of shifts will we see in our industry as more events go virtual?

In an effort to get a clearer picture of how this move toward event virtualization is taking shape among producers and users of streaming media solutions and services, Streaming Media is launching a new survey that delves into these issues. 

We encourage you to take our survey to help us create the most accurate possible snapshot of where event virtualization stands at this pivotal point in time.

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