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StreamVoodoo: Simplicity, Low Latency, High Quality

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Everyone knows that we live in a remote world and there are many complex challenges we face in our daily digital workflows.

Things like “Zoom” or “Video Calls” are much more common these days but we also see there is a lack of something really important for anyone that is remote and that’s the “quality."

Quality over latency was always a rule of thumb. Then simplicity came later…

What if we can get the 3 of them flawlessly working at the same time? Challenge accepted and achieved!

These 3 things are key for anyone that lives and works remotely. We are always connected and I believe we should have a great experience while doing so. This experience should feel real and we should not be stuck in an endless fatigue using apps like Zoom and Teams or streaming to social media sites that compress our video so it looks and sounds like we are on Mars.

If you are streaming video over the internet, it takes a lot of data to transmit and this is what most companies lack in managing properly. Also when you send a lot of data, that data has a cost and somebody has to pay for that. So what happens is that these video conference apps keep the quality low and you get to use it “for free?" That's another thing that we will talk about later (hint: nothing is free).

Their video quality is very basic and unprofessional. In terms of how it looks and of course how it sounds, it's very important to know these key differences. This is why latency and quality matter so much.


When you talk about latency, you likely think about the time that it takes for your video to reach its destination (someone watching your live signal from somewhere else in the world).

For example, if I'm using Zoom there will be a 200 millisecond latency. 1 second is a 1000 milliseconds. That's the time it usually takes for Zoom to reach the video being sent. StreamVoodoo is less than 40 milliseconds.

Zoom and others are videos connected in the cloud that reach different people around the world. These companies use a data channel to send the information. This is because they need to keep videos compressed and lightweight so anybody can join the video conference and talk to each other.

The quality of the video is not of great importance because they are trying to replace phone calls. What happens when you need more quality than what Zoom and the others provide?

You should be able to provide a professional-level HD live video to anyone in the world with no visible latency. Now you can with StreamVoodoo.

You can share a livestream video signal and anyone can play it anywhere they want just by opening a StreamVoodoo magic link. Just look at TV these days and when they do interviews with remote collaborators. You see somebody is talking on TV and they look and sound like they are not on Earth since the quality is so poor. This is a pain point that we have solved and it takes only 1 click.

No more cables, no more crazy expensive devices, no more hardware or big money required.

We simply livestream an HD video signal with no noticeable latency.


Who doesn’t like to watch TV in full HD? When TV is “live," it's called broadcast quality and that incredibly powerful experience is what we have developed for everyone to use for their own secure, private and personal use.

In the online world, when you combine latency and quality, these are usually 2 things that could never go hand in hand. The rule of thumb said, if you want quality, you can’t have low latency or if you want low latency you can’t get “good quality."

That’s all changed now… in one click.

Think about StreamVoodoo as your own live TV channel that you can open from your Mac or PC. Anyone you share this with can see it, live, with no latency. No special hardware is required and when you are on camera, it looks and sounds like you are standing next to them in person.

The quality of a video is measured in bitrates. That bitrate is the “amount of data” that you send to the cloud and whoever watches this video will get the same quality. This is because we do not compress data in the process (like Zoom and others do).

In order for us to make this work, we have to keep the original quality that someone is sending. This way the viewer can see it without any pixelation. Yes, this requires a good internet connection on the viewer side. We know that wifi and high speed internet is widely available in the US, Europe, Asia and beyond to have download speed that can handle StreamVoodoo.


To keep things simple, let’s take the TV as an example. How hard is it for you to turn on the TV? It's a push of 1 button. With StreamVoodoo, it’s the same thing. On the viewer side, we keep it the same way. We don’t use TV’s, but the quality is like HDTV.

So then who can see my live video? Like we’ve mentioned, this is your own “live TV channel” and that’s part of the magic. You decide who can watch by sharing a private and secure link with the person/people you want to see.

What happens when you are done? You simply close the window, just like when you turn off your TV.

We are changing the way people connect with live video from any device worldwide. To learn more about what we do, please check StreamVoodoo.com. Feel free to ping us with any questions Contact@StreamVoodoo.com

[Editor's note: This is a contributed article from StreamVoodoo. Streaming Media accepts vendor bylines based solely on their value to our readers.]

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