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Yuvad Releases Three 1U Encoding Solutions for Advertising

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Yuvad Technologies, a video encoding and transcoding company based in Beijing, China, with a North American sales and marketing office in San Jose, California, has announced a line of three 1U hardware encoders for delivering online video advertising to multiple screens. The Yuvision line of multiscreen encoders includes three versions: Base, Standard, and Premium. All three can encode at least four live or file-based video streams at the same time. For file based encoding and transcoding, they can encode video in one-quarter real-time speed.

The Base model ($7950) can encode up to 4 standard definition videos at once, but no high-definition; the Standard ($9950) can encode up to 12 standard definition videos or 2 high definition videos; the Premium ($12,500) can encode up to 18 standard definition videos or 4 high definition videos. The target buyer is an OTT customer deploying real-time or on-demand services.

These three new models aren't on the Yuvad site yet, but should be in a couple weeks. The company also has a CES line of encoders and transcoders with similar functionality. The CES line is available in more customization options, but only to buyers in China. The Yuvision line is only for the international market (which includes North America). The reason for the difference is that the company is based in Beijing and can more easily support customized solutions in China. For the international market, the Yuvision line reduces the number of variables.

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