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YuMe Expands to Apple iOS Devices

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Video advertising company YuMe announced that it's getting on board with Apple's iOS today, and released a software development kit for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The company also announced two new ad units for advertisers who want to reach app-using mobile viewers.

The software development kit lets publishers and ad developers use YuMe's ACE for Publishers when serving ads to Apple's mobile devices. ACE for Publishers is a cloud-based platform that publishers can use to control campaigns across multiple ad networks.

The new mobile ad units are Mobile Connect and Mobile Billboard, both designed to give an immersive experience no matter the device used, while letting viewers interact with the brand. Mobile Connect offers a full-screen video ad overlaid with a Tap to Action icons. Mobile Billboard delivers a full-screen banner or rich media ad that appears before the video. The viewer can see the video or connect to the advertiser's social networking or destination sites.

"The ever-growing and diverse audience of millions of iOS users presents both advertisers and publishers with incredible opportunities," says Jayant Kadambi, president and co-founder of YuMe. "These new ad formats, along with ACE, allow publishers to serve ads that are customized to the experience of viewing video directly in mobile apps-the most widely adopted method for consuming content on iOS devices."

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