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YouTube Turns 7, Receives 72 Hours of Video Every Minute

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YouTube turned 7 over the weekend, and it took the occasion to announce a milestone: the leading video site by a wide margin now receives 72 hours of video each minute. When it turned 6, the site announced that it received 48 hours of video each minute, and it hit 60 hours of video each minute in January, 2012.

This means it would now take three full days to watch all the videos that YouTube gets in the average minute.

YouTube made the announcement in a blog post, where it took the occasion to highlight the other gains it made this year: a site redesign and the launching of a channel-focused strategy that emphasizes original content by known brands or creators.

YouTube serves an audience of 800 million viewers globally, watching over 3 billion hours of video each month.

To mark its birthday, YouTube created a video, naturally, which is embedded below. The video celebrates major events along the way, including Google's acquisition of YouTube and the "Charlie Bit My Finger" video. YouTube captures the range of human events, from a baby's first steps to the Arab Spring uprisings, the video shows. 

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