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YouTube TV Expands to 95 New Markets, Now Has 98% U.S. Coverage

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It's been a slow rollout for two-year-old YouTube TV, but the subscription streamer can now claim nationwide availability. In a blog post today, the company announced that it's expanding service to 95 new markets, making YouTube TV available to 98% of U.S. households. As for that last 2%, YouTube says they'll follow shortly.

YouTube pegged its announcement to Super Bowl Sunday, letting cord cutters know they can stream the game over its service. YouTube TV offers live TV service from over 60 networks, including the 4 major broadcasters. CBS will host the Super Bowl this year. While local channels vary, YouTube says all 4 are available in over 90% of YouTube TV's markets.

"Just in time for the Big Game, you can now bring together some tasty game day snacks with the full experience of YouTube TV," wrote Ben Moores, program manager for YouTube TV.

A YouTube TV subscription goes for $40 per month. It includes six accounts per household, multi-device access, and a cloud DVR where an unlimited amount of programming can be stored for 9 months. Depending on contractual requirements, some YouTube TV DVR content plays with unskippable ads.

In February 2018, YouTube TV added Turner Channels and raised the subscription price to $40 per month from $35 per month. In December 2017, it expanded to 34 additional markets.

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