YouTube Revises its Strikes System for Consistency and Clarity

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YouTube announced today it's revising its warning strike system, making it simpler, more consistent, and easier to understand. In the past, violations were treated differently depending on the infraction. The new policy is uniform and should trigger less confusion and ill-will. It begins February 25th.

Under the revised system, channels will get a one-time warning before strikes are given. If a channel publishes edgy material, it gets a warning and the content will be removed, but nothing else. This step is meant to educate creators who simply didn't know better.

After that, a first offense will incur a one week suspension of the ability to load new content (both live and on-demand) and manage other content activities. A second strike in a 90-day period will incur a two-week freeze on new content, and a third strike will get the channel cancelled. Strikes expire after 90 days.

YouTube management has gotten more serious in the last few years about policing content and making the site ad- and kid-friendly. It gives strikes when videos are sexual or violent, or contain hate speech. Spam is also a no-no.

Along with the new strike system, YouTube is making it easier to understand why a strike was given and to appeal the decision. It's promising clearer messages about what violation occurred, and putting those notices in more places—including on the mobile site—so creators see them.

In a blog post, YouTube explained that its three-strike system has been successful, and that 94% of the creators who receive a first strike never get a second.

For more, watch the below video on the three strikes system.

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