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YouTube Introduces TV-friendly Channel-centric Design

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Anyone following YouTube's activity for the past year knows that the video sharing giant has been transforming itself from a user-generated stockpile to a destination that emphasizes premium content and trusted video creators. Today, YouTube took a giant step in that direction with a homepage redesign. The new design emphasizes channels, so that viewers can quickly find new content that appeals to them. It's a move that will play well on connected TVs, where lean-back viewers want to find content they'll enjoy quickly, rather than searching through millions of options.

The new design lets viewers easily create their own homepage channel lineup. If the have YouTube accounts that are linked to Google+ or Facebook accounts, the homepage pulls in videos recommended or shared by friends.

Changes don't end at the front page, however, as YouTube has also redesigned its channel pages. Creators can now choose from four page lineups, taking the one that best spotlights their work.

"Our recent channels expansion, our grants and educational programs, and this new design are all focused on helping you discover a broader range of entertainment on YouTube," said a YouTube blog post on the changes.

While no features have been added and these changes reorganize content already available, it feels like a necessary step for YouTube as the site grows up. It ensures that, as people look to online sources for streaming entertainment, YouTube will stay a top destination.

Below is YouTube's own video explaining the new design.

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