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YouTube Gaming App to Finally Close on May 30, Google Says

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Players got two extra months, but the YouTube Gaming app is finally going away tomorrow. When YouTube announced it would discontinue the YouTube Gaming app, back in September 2018, it expected the shutdown to occur in March. In the end, the app got two more months, but its time has finally run out: The app will close on May 30, according to an update to a YouTube Gaming support page.

News 1The company's stated reason for closing the app and merging the formerly separate YouTube Gaming area with the rest of its site is so it can focus its gaming efforts across the whole platform.

Gaming video fans should now head to www.youtube.com/gaming to find their favorite content. The support page notes that viewers can't make the Gaming homepage their default experience on desktop or mobile, but they're welcome to bookmark the page for direct access.

YouTube Gaming fans are advised to combine their YouTube and YouTube Gaming subscriptions from the YouTube Gaming settings area, although doing so won't transfer the games they've saved in YouTube Gaming.

YouTube first announced YouTube Gaming in June 2015, then launched the area in September. The YouTube Gaming support page says over 200 million viewers use the main YouTube app to view gaming content every month.

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