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YouTube Expands Google Preferred to Trending Viral Videos

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Two years ago during its Brandcast presentation—an event that takes place during the online video newfronts in New York City—YouTube introduced Google Preferred, which allows advertisers to buy spots on YouTube's most popular videos in several categories. Last night during its 2016 Brandcast, YouTube expanded Google Preferred with a new Breakout Videos category. This lets advertisers get their messages on the viral sensations of the day, no matter what those sensations are. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki made the announcement, assuring advertisers that all the content in the category will be brand safe.

Wojcicki also announced that advertisers will soon be able to make Google Preferred buys programmatically through DoubleClick Bid Manger. This will let advertisers manage TrueView, Google Preferred, and cross-exchange video campaigns from one location.

Dropping a few stats, Wojcicki said that two-thirds of Google Preferred campaigns experienced a lift in purchase intent, with an average lift of 14 percent. She also noted that on mobile alone in the U.S. YouTube now reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds than any television network, whether broadcast or cable.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver took the stage to announce that all of the NBA's footage in its YouTube channel is now part of the Google Preferred ad network.

No doubt the biggest star on the stage was Big Bird, who joined YouTube celeb Lilly Singh to announce Sesame Studios, a new YouTube channel. Sesame Studios will include new characters and series, and will be a part of the YouTube Kids app.

The event's highlight was a five song concert by Sia. The 2,700 attendees also saw performances by Silentó and Andra Day.

Big Bird and Lilly Singh at the 2016 YouTube Brandcast

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