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YouTube Brass Pitch Google Preferred at Brandcast

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YouTube is an odd fit for NewFront week. While other video destinations pitch their best upcoming original content in the hopes of getting advertisers to sign on, YouTube doesn't have original content to pitch. Instead, it reminds the audience that it's the site that creates dance trends for the rest of the world to follow, and it's the site that turns 13-year-olds broadcasting from their bedrooms into megastars.

"I’m excited because I believe in the power of video and the opportunity to change the way that people connect, learn, advertise, share, and interact," said Susan Wojcicki, YouTube's new CEO. "And I believe we’re just getting started."

Besides selling its reach and influence, this year YouTube sold Google Preferred, a selection of the top five percent of YouTube's content. With so many videos on YouTube, advertisers must feel overwhelmed, unsure where to put their money. Google Preferred lets them know they're getting the most popular content in whatever category reaches their target audience.

"Google Preferred helps you navigate the top talent on YouTube," explained Robert Kyncl, YouTube's head of content and business operations.

YouTube also promoted improved metrics and an audience guarantee. New partnerships with comScore and Nielsen will bring better measurements to buyers. Plus, Google Preferred buyers will get a 100 percent guarantee that their ads will reach the target audience.

"Thanks to Google Preferred, YouTube is now easy to buy, easy to measure, and guaranteed to deliver your audience," Kyncl said.

Several speakers emphasized how "incredibly scarce" Google Preferred video inventory is, which often got a chuckle from the audience.

At last year's YouTube Brandcast, Dreamworks announced that it was acquiring the AwesomenessTV network. This year, it announced the launch of DreamworksTV. Coming this summer, Dreamworks TV is a children's channel that will offer animated and live action shows. Rather than launching on cable, DreamworksTV is launching on YouTube because that's where the audience is, Kyncl said.

To drive home the power of YouTube, the audience of over 2000 at the Theater at Madison Square Garden heard plenty of inspiring YouTube success stories, and some great music, too. Reps from SoulPancake, Vice, and Pepsi spoke about how their brands grew with YouTube. Janelle Monae kicked up the energy with her song "Dance Apocalyptic," and Pharrell closed the show with "Happy." 

Susan Wojcicki, YouTube's CEO, at the 2014 YouTube Brandcast

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