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What Netflix Is Doing Right: Subscribers Love Price, Profiles

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What do Netflix's subscribers love about it? The video metadata specialist Digitalsmiths decided to find out. For the Q4 2015 edition of its Video Trends Report, it added a new question just for Netflix subscribers: What Netflix features do you find appealing?

Price led the list, with 64.6 percent saying that the subscription video-on-demand leader's price was key to why they used it. That was followed by the ability for every member of the house to make custom profiles (54.3 percent), the way that episodes play automatically (47.2 percent), and personalized recommendations (43.0 percent).

Digitalsmiths asked people about their a la carte pay TV preferences, even though no pay TV service offers a la carte channel selection. When asked to create packages with ideal channel lineups, respondents chose an average of 18.4 channels. Based on those channel preferences, Digitalsmtihs created 7 hypothetical skinny bundles and asked respondents which they preferred. It found that the most popular bundles weren't dominated by premium channels.

“The survey results prove there is a large audience who would like an a la carte channel package, or skinny bundle offering. Digitalsmiths believes there is a lot of room for OTT services to grow with specialized skinny bundles targeted to different segments of viewers,” says Chris Ambrozic, vice president of product at Digitalsmiths. "While some OTT services have focused on skinnier packages headlining major networks, we believe this is just the beginning of truly understanding what is relevant to each audience segment and delivering a compelling, more content focused experience.”

Download the full Digitalsmiths report for free (registration required).

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