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WebM Project Spurs Development with Cross-License Initiative

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In an effort to keep WebM development open and moving forward, The WebM Project (an organization dedicated to WebM development) has announced the WebM Community Cross-License (CCL) Initiative. Formed with 17 founding members, the purpose of this initiative is to keep future WebM developments open and accessible.

Since WebM is a royalty-free online video format, the WebM Project wants to ensure that it remains an open system, and that members are able to benefit from each other's advances. Members of the initiative agree to license patents they create that are essential to WebM technologies to other members of the initiative.

The 17 founding members of the CCL are AMD, Cisco, Google (surprise), HiSilicon Technologies (for itself and parent company Huawei), LG, Logitech, Matroska, MIPS Technologies, Mozilla, Opera, Pantech, Quanta, Samsung, STMicroelectronics (for itself and joint venture ST-Ericsson), Texas Instruments, Verisilicon, and Xiph.org Foundation.

"CCL members are joining this effort because they realize that the entire Web ecosystem--users, developers, publishers, and device makers--benefits from a high-quality, community developed, open-source media format," writes Matt Frost, senior business project manager for the WebM Project, in the blog post announcing the initiative.

The WebM Project launched nearly a year ago, and takes credit for rapidly improving the WebM format.

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