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Vimeo and Maker Studios Partner on Paid Distribution Deal

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Video site Vimeo and multichannel network Maker Studios have entered into a partnership that will give Maker creators a new avenue for paid distribution and fund original Maker content.

Maker counts 55,000 creators in its network, and they're all getting access to tools for paid video-on-demand distribution on Vimeo. The goal is to give creators another option for monetizing their work besides YouTube. Creators can window their content—creating an exclusive paid window on Vimeo before the work moves to YouTube—or create new videos that are only available for a transaction fee.

Under the deal, Vimeo will also fund original content from Maker stars. That content will appear exclusively on Vimeo through the end of 2015. The two companies haven't decided yet which Maker stars will create the exclusive Maker content.

Getting YouTube stars off of YouTube has suddenly become a hot area. Jason Kilar, previously the CEO of Hulu, has launched Vessel, a company where YouTube stars can post content for an exclusive 72-hour paid window. Subscribers pay $2.99 per month to get early access to the videos. Vessel's creators take 60 percent of the subscription fees and 70 percent of payments from ads.

Last week, Vimeo and New Form Digital Studios signed a deal to bring exclusive videos from YouTube talent to Vimeo's on-demand service.

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