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Vimeo Unveils Site Redesign

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After a year of effort, video sharing site Vimeo begins rolling out a redesign today. While not a drastic change from what came before, it offers improved search, navigation, and discovery, as well as a fresh, clean look. Vimeo subscribers can see a full list of features here. They'll need to sign up for access, as the design is still in closed testing.

The default inbox view, which suggests videos that the subscriber might be interested in, now clearly shows where those videos came from (such as subscribed channels or friends). All pages feature a sleeker navigation that hides features until they're needed. For example, when viewing a video, viewers need to click a More Videos tab to see other recommended videos.

Overall, pages show more consistency in design, with page elements always in the same places. Privacy controls have been modified, so that it's easier for video uploaders to see whether or not their videos are private. Uploaders can also turn off video stats, if they don't want others to see viewership counts for their videos.

With Vimeo's devoted fan base, any changes are sure to upset some. But from what we saw in preview it looks like a careful and attractive redesign. Vimeo has kept its quirky persona while offering improved navigation and social features.

Not all features are in the interface. Improved search tools let users filter results by length, copyright license, and more. There's even a voice search. Users can now upload multiple videos at once and get an early warning if there's a problem with their files. 

"Vimeo's growth and dedication to maximizing user experience was the catalyst for this redesign," says Dae Mellencamp, Vimeo's CEO. "The result protects the essence of Vimeo while allowing for future growth of audience and features in a simple, intuitive environment."

Vimeo Redesign

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