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Vimeo Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement With Machinima

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Multichannel network (MCN) Machinima and video-sharing site Vimeo announced an agreement that will let select original content from Machinima receive dedicated funding from Vimeo in exchange for exclusive distribution through Vimeo on Demand.

Vimeo is now the preferred transactional video-on-demand (TVOD) platform for the Machinima Talent Network. Later this year, Machinima will integrate Vimeo into its Console tool, which is used by video creators to view analytics, social networking platforms, and earnings reports.

Machinima's network of over 30,000 video creators will be able to buy discounted Vimeo Pro memberships as part of the agreement.

The announcement follows similar news last month that Vimeo signed a paid distribution agreement with Maker Studios that allows Maker members to sell exclusive content on Vimeo, and offers funding to top talent. Generating revenue has become a priority for Vimeo, so it's reaching out to top YouTube creators in hopes that their massive fanbases will pay for exclusive content.

“Our partnership with Vimeo for content development and distribution on its innovative transactional platform delivers new monetization opportunities and funding sources for premium, long-form content developed and produced both by Machinima and the creators in our talent network,” said Chad Gutstein, CEO of Machinima. “Vimeo’s technology and user base is perfectly suited with our focus on reaching millennials with content anchored in fandom and gamer culture.”

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