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Videology Platform Unifies TV and Online Video Ad Buying

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Videology, which creates video advertising technology, announced the launch of a reengineered platform, one designed to combine the goals of TV and online video ad buyers. The platform mixes the programmatic guaranteed buying technology of TV buyers with online real-time bidding tools that work with open and private exchanges for multiple devices.

The challenge for brand advertisers nowadays, says Videology, is finding the best mix of reserved and non-reserved media. The company has named this platform release after René Descartes, noting that the mathematician and philosopher laid out the foundational thinking for algebra, and that this offering is about solving the equation for the best mix of reserved and non-reserved media.

The platform offers a single-view user interface for all actions, real-time bidding with cost transparency across public and private exchanges, and an interactive reporting suite for all analytics. Brand advertisers can forecast real-time bids using Nielsen OCR and comScore vCE demographic targeting, and can also take advantage of domain and contextual targeting tools.

“By bridging planning and buying mechanisms of traditional media with those of digital, our platform allows brand advertisers to leverage the best of both to better achieve their desired results,” says Scott Ferber, chairman and CEO of Videology.

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