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Video Will Make Up 79% of All Mobile Traffic By 2022, Says Cisco

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Cisco released a global mobile traffic update to its Visual Networking Index (VNI) yesterday, forecasting growth in the global mobile market through 2022, and it sees mobile traffic nearing a zettabyte by the end of that period. At that time, mobile will make up almost 20% of global IP traffic.

As a comparison, that's 113 times more than the total mobile traffic in 2012.

In 2017, video made up 59% of all mobile data traffic. By 2022, that number will jump to 79%. Because of the amount of data video requires, it will increase rapidly as a percentage of total traffic. Video traffic is highest in prime time, leading to spikes in those hours.

By 2022, there will be 5.5 billion mobile users, representing 71% of the total population. Connected devices will grow enormously, as there will be 12 billion mobile-ready devices and IoT connections by 2022, an increase from 9 billion in 2017. That breaks down to 8 billion personal devices and 4 billion IoT connections.

Look for the 5G era to begin slowly, with 3% of all mobile connections on 5G by 2022. They'll make up nearly 12% of all mobile data traffic, however.

Average mobile speeds will increase greatly in the coming years, rising from 8.7 Mbps in 2017 to 28.5 Mbps in 2022.

“The next 5 years are projected to provide unabated mobile video adoption. Backhaul capacity and efficiency must increase so mobile broadband, data access, and video services can effectively support consumer usage trends and keep mobile infrastructure costs in check," the report's conclusion notes.

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