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Video Publishers Expand With Social Platforms, Finds Ooyala

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Online publishers that offer original video are expanding their viewership by partnering with social platforms, finds Ooyala's 2016 State of the Media Industry Report. The strategy is working for many, but is not without dangers.

With Facebook's reach too big to ignore, publishers including The Atlantic have signed on. Ooyala notes that News UK and others have invested heavily in Snapchat Discover and Facebook, which together serve 8 billion daily video views. Those platforms now set the rules for publisher-partner revenue sharing. Publishers now find themselves in a position similar to what the music industry once faced with Apple iTunes.

Buzzfeed has been especially successful with off-site distribution, Ooyala notes, monetizing content across platforms and offering content tailored to each.

The strategy comes with plenty of risks, such as the loss of value to the core website, dilution of brand names, and the possibility that platforms will change their revenue split models.

Ooyala recommends that publishers that want to focus on their owned sites strategize how to use unique service propositions to attract audiences and build brand value. For example, The New York Times uses its archive to create new services and revenue streams.  

Download the full State of the Media Industry 2016 report for free (registration required).

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