Verizon Announces Media Xperience Studio for OTT Optimization

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Verizon Digital Media Services has unveiled its latest tool for broadcasters and other over-the-top (OTT) content providers, the Verizon Media Xperience Studio. Verizon calls this a cloud-based intelligence system (CIS), one designed to provide needed data for OTT operators so they can make better decisions. Considering that VDMS already offers an end-to-end video delivery solution, what else does MX Studio provide?

"A lot of it is around extending the ends of end-to-end," explains Ted Middleton, Verizon's chief product officer for MX Studio. "Going further toward the content production workflow, adding in some elements of what we're calling MX Orchestration which adds tools and workflow for content production, content supply chain, and tracking." It also offers intelligence feedback, letting content owners see the markets, times, and demographics that will pay off for their audience growth or monetization strategies.

Verizon previously worked with partners to provide app creation, but now offers organic capabilities with the MX Apps component. MX Studio also includes analytics and quality measures, tying them in with broader usage and advertising info. It includes components for managing subscriptions and entitlements, syndication to owned properties and partners, and personalized recommendations.

"This is rounding out the solution, bringing more components in-house, and creating a lot more capability on top of the video delivery platform, Middleton says. The MX Orchestration component, for planning workflows, is all new, as are the apps and subscription components.

VDMS was born from the merging of Edgecast's CDN and Uplynk's adaptive streaming. "Now, we're adding other functionality layers on top of those two platforms. The experience side of Media Xperience allows our customers to create the consumer experience, more extensively managing their content and how content is presented to users."

Existing customers are already trialing MX Studio, but Verizon isn't giving names just yet. Look for further announcements in the coming weeks. VDMS will give its first public demos at NAB later this month.

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