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Unicorn Serves Mobile Devices with Stream Management Service

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Serving video to mobile devices is a challenge, one that Unicorn Media aims to solve with the release of Unicorn Once, a stream management service for IP-enabled devices, including Apple iOS and other mobile products. One interface lets publishers build in both dynamic ad integration and real-time video analytics for mobile devices.

Unicorn Once is part of the company's Media-as-a-Service 4.0 platform. It's designed to integrate into publishers' existing workflows and allow them to stream to mobile with no extra effort. In addition, publishers can dynamically insert interstitial ads and measure performance for iOS devices. Analytics are provided by Unicorn Analyze, the company's real-time warehouse technology.

"Mobile delivery is clearly the largest emerging market for content today, with rapidly increasing ad CPMs. Unicorn Once removes the complexity of multiple device support, ad delivery, and analytics, for the first time giving content owners the ability to profit from this untapped market," says Bill Rinehart, CEO of Unicorn Media.

Look for ad network support to come soon. As part of its move to deliver HTTP adaptive streaming, Unicorn is working with like-minded ad networks and ad serving providers to integrate ad campaigns into the Unicorn Once workflow.

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