UTStarcom Brings Chinese Language Internet TV to North America

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IP-based network solutions company UTStarcom announced that it will bring its Internet TV platform to North America, targeting Chinese-speaking viewers. The platform will be run by iTV Media, a majority-owned subsidiary of UTStarcom.

The platform will stream high-definition video viewable on computers, iPads, and other mobile devices. Viewers will be able to take advantage of time and location shifting while viewing the multi-language content.

The streaming platform isn't only for viewing shows, as it will also offer distance learning, gaming, and e-commerce. Judging by the website, which isn't in English, it seems to cost $6.66 per month. A call to the company's North American media contact wasn't immediately returned.

"Our Internet TV platform will serve a growing demand for Chinese language television content from the overseas Chinese-speaking population," says UTStarcom's CEO Jack Lu. "Our platform utilizes Internet-related broadcasting technology to stream high-quality content to homes in North America. Subscribers will not only be able to enjoy rich Chinese language content, but also various value-added interactive services like distance-learning, gaming, and e-commerce. Moreover, the launch of the Internet TV platform in North America will open up additional revenue opportunities for our operational support service business, which will be able to generate revenue by providing support services to subscribers of the Internet TV platform."

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