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TwitVids Launches Innovative SocialAds Advertising Network

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TwitVid, a video hosting and sharing service that works with Twitter, announced its new advertising network, SocialAds, this morning. While SocialAds has a novel way of working and delivering results, we're curious to see if viewers find it too intrusive.

The goal of SocialAds is to deliver social networking buzz to advertisers. Before viewing a video on TwitVid, viewers will have the option of either re-tweeting a message to their followers or following the advertiser's Twitter account. A third option, to skip this step and play the video, sits underneath the first two in smaller type.

According to Mo Al Adham, co-founder of TwitVid, clients won't be charged on how many impressions the preplay ad gets, but in how many followers or re-tweets they get. That means clients only pay for actual results. Pricing will start at $1 per follower and $.75 per re-tweet. Preplay ads on celebrity TwitVid videos will sell at a premium. Viewers have the option of un-following the client whenever they wish.

Clients will have the option of targeting desired demographics to get desirable followers or re-tweeters. They can choose to target viewers who follow a certain celebrity, for example, says Adham. He wouldn't say what advertisers will be using the service at launch.

The ad network was tested for only a few hours prior to launch, says Adham, and one to two percent of viewers chose to follow the client's Twitter account resulting in 500 new followers in an hour. The press release for the service gives that number as 400 new followers.

A future rollout of the service will include more demographic targeting options, and the ability to target content using keywords. Also, a future version might free viewers from having to view multiple preplay ads within a certain window of time, says Adham, after they've already viewed one.

"Traditional means of monetizing video has heavily relied on pre-roll ads, which work great for premium content but can be quite suffocating for an end-user who may only be trying to watch a short video," said Adham, co-founder of TwitVid. "SocialAds offers an alternative advertising solution, which provides measurable value to both advertisers and viewers.

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