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TubeMogul Announces BrandSafe, Protects Brand Image

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TubeMogul, a media buying platform for online video advertising, announced the launch of BrandSafe, a screening technology designed to protect brands that advertise online.

One of the challenges for online advertising companies in appealing to mass-market brands that regularly advertise on television, is convincing them that their ads won't display in less than optimal locations or on sites that are inappropriate for the company's image. BrandSafe offers a three-step screening process to ensure the quality of ad placements: SiteSafe checks the quality of each site, PageSafe looks for inappropriate content on specific pages, and PlaySafe stops auto-play prerolls that display without the viewer's choosing.

The SafeSite step is performed before a site is added to TubeMogul's network of over 30,000 sites, and is done by a team of editors. PageSafe uses technology from Proximic to analyze page content in real-time. TubeMogul doesn't bid on pages with questionable material. Finally, PlaySafe detects video players and blocks auto-play pre-rolls in small or below-the-fold players.

"Even on top sites, certain content can be objectionable and this three-pronged approach provides the strongest protection for clients," says Brett Wilson, CEO of TubeMogul. "Marketers deserve a media buying platform for video that thinks as highly of their brand as they do, and this ensures we can -- in triplicate."

TubeMogul BrandSafe

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