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Total Online Video Advertising to Reach $5.6B in 2011: AccuStream

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According to a report by AccuStream Research, digital video advertising will grow by 41 percent this year, reaching a total of $5.6 billion. The report, Digital Video Advertising: 2011 to 2014, tallies the revenues from a variety of sources, including in-page video campaigns; pre-, post-, and mid-roll ads; paid viral placements; overlays; and podcasting.

The report finds that in-page executions currently lead the video market and will bring in the most revenue this year (59.2 percent of the total). Pre-roll ads come next with 29.2 percent, paid viral placements at 6.5 percent, mobile video ads at 2.9 percent, overlays at 1.9 percent, and video podcasting at .3 percent.

Hot topics in online video advertising include transaction transparency, premium content, predictive campaign tools, and sophisticated targeting, says the report.

The report offers an historic look at online video advertising going back to 2003. Media spending spiked in 2010, it notes, triggered by a generous amount of YouTube pre-roll inventory.

"Digital video advertising is leading the inevitable march toward media spend accountability," says AccuStream research director Paul A. Palumbo. "Across the inventory spectrum, additional monetization and partnership options for publishers, marketers, and solutions providers are also being realized."

The full report will go on sale on AccuStream's site.

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