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The 2009 Streaming Media All-Stars

Reed Hastings, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Netflix

Previous job titles:
• Founder, Pure Software
• President, California State Board of Education, 2000–2004

Proudest achievements:
• Founded Netflix in 1997 and launched subscription service in 1999
• Winner of Fast Company’s Customers First Award for customer service
• Named to Time magazine’s "Time 100" list of the most influential global citizens in 2005
• Appointed to Microsoft’s board of directors in 2007
• Inducted into the Video Business Hall of Fame in 2007
• Introduced "Watch Instantly" streaming of movies to PCs in 2007, adding Mac capability in 2008
• Instrumental in establishing partnership with Roku set-top box to stream movies to members’ televisions

Mike Hudack, Co-Founder and CEO, Blip.TV

Previous job titles:
• This is, properly speaking, my first.

Proudest achievements:
• Launching a company that now employees twenty people, distributes 38,000 Web shows and makes it possible for independents to find their voice, find their audience and begin to make money from their hard work.

Next big thing:
"We're working on a new version of our content creator dashboard. And we remain focused on building our distribution and monetization capabilities for the show creators we work with."

Biggest trend in online video:
"Accountability. In every direction. Third-party verification of audience, advertising impressions and performance."

Biggest challenge facing the industry:
"Accountability. In every direction."

Jason Kilar, CEO, Hulu

Previous job titles:
• SVP, Worldwide Application Software, Amazon.com
• Design and Development, The Walt Disney Co.

Proudest achievements:
• Getting the chance to work with some incredibly good eggs at places like Disney, Amazon, and Hulu. I consider it a big achievement professionally when you get to work with people that you admire.• Though it is still early days, I am also proud of our team's progress in creating a strong culture here at Hulu that is custom fit for the ambitious mission before us.

Next big thing:
"At Hulu, our mission from the start has been to make media easier for users-- providing it when, where and how users want it. We are hard at work on innovations to that end."

Biggest trend in online video:
"As a team, we are very excited about the proliferation of internet connected devices. We see this as an important macro trend that will make media much more convenient for users. The latest episode of 30 Rock will be that much easier to consume in a world of many more internet connected devices, which is great news for the creators of 30 Rock and the audience which 30 Rock deserves to attract each week."

Biggest challenge facing the industry:
"We need to obsessively and relentlessly innovate on behalf of users such that legal services are much more compelling vs. piracy."

Larry Kless, Founder and President, Online Video Publishing

Other job title:
• Production Manager of Videoconferencing, Multimedia Communications, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.

Previous job titles:
• Supervisor, Broadcast Production, National Video Communications at Kaiser Permanente Information Technology
• Lead, Broadcast Production, National Video Communications at Kaiser Permanente IT
• Teleconferencing Specialist/Producer at Kaiser Foundation Health Plan

Proudest achievements:
• Launching Online Video Publishing in 2008, as a consulting resource for sharing strategies and best practices for online video publishers
• Promoting streaming media and online video through my blog, other online publications and at Streaming Media West
• Having a fulfilling career of nearly 20 years in the enterprise video communications and event production industry
• Winning two Telly Awards in producing and directing medical education and training e-Learning programs
• Overseeing the design and creation of a state-of-the-art broadcast videoconferencing facility at my employers corporate headquarters
• Still having a copy of the first issues of Wired and Streaming Media magazines

Next big thing:
• I'm working on my business plan for Online Video Publishing to involve sponsors and guest authors.
• I'm developing ideas for new sessions at the next Streaming Media West conference.
• I'm working on an ongoing series of entrepreneur interviews for Vator News

Biggest trend in online video:
• Internet connected TVs, Full HD video on digital still cameras, adaptive streaming, customized players and more robust viewing statistics
• Consumers are cutting the cord and dumping cable for free content on the web
• An emergence of independent web studios and destination sites that produce and distribute original branded entertainment (FYI, 60 Frames, Next New Networks, Strike TV, EQAL)
• Independent online video publishers are joining established ad supported syndication networks for wider distribution to maximize their revenue streams.
• Hybrid forms of distribution from companies like Netflix, Hulu and TV.com and open source platforms like Boxee has given rise to a subsciption-based video as a service model for the office, living room and mobile viewers.

Biggest challenge facing the industry:
• In the face of our worst economic downturn in generations, the biggest challenge facing the industry is communicating the value proposition of streaming media to consumers, advertisers and investors.
• The lack of online video standards across the three screens and standard metrics and nomenclature to accurately capture and report user engagement
• Competing with Google

Jim Louderback, CEO, Revision3

Previous job titles:
• Chief Content Officer, Ziff Davis Media CSB
• Vice President, Editorial Director, TechTV and ZDTV
• Editor-in-Chief, PC Magazine

Proudest achievements:
• Guiding Revision3’s growth to a 3X increase in revenue and 6X increase in video views in 18 months
• Launching the ZDTV cable network and being part of the team that grew it to 50 million households
• Launching and building the online side of Ziff Davis Media, and essentially saving the company as its magazines died.

Next big thing:
• Getting our great content out onto big-screen TVs
• Building an awesome viewing experience at Revision3.com

Biggest trend in online video:
"Embracing HD and big screen TV viewing"

Biggest challenge facing the industry:
"Our inability to deliver and report honest viewership numbers"

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