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Telestream and Vsoft Partner

Telestream (www.telestream.net), a provider of streaming media encoding and delivery products, and Vsoft ( www.vsoft.com), which provides application software for video services, have teamed up to integrate their products to offer a solution for acquisition, delivery, and management of digital media.

The companies are cross-marketing Telestream's MPEG media encoding/delivery appliance products and Vsoft's MPEG media management software tools.

The partnership has enabled Vsoft and Telestream to develop file compatibility and metadata interchange to facilitate operation between their products. The companies already share many of the same dealers.

Telestream appliances serve as encoding stations that automatically deliver media "parcels" to Vsoft's VideoClick. The media parcels consist of MPEG video/audio files and metadata — text information such as subject, author, notes and other important file attributes. Users can also set up their own media management parameters to control information and delete parcels once imported to VideoClick.

"The integration of Telestream's applications with Vsoft's provides a compelling business case in greatly improving work flow efficiency and saving review and edit room time," said Robin Wilson, VP Business Development at Vsoft.

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