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Telestream Announces Channel Creation, Cloud Processing Solutions

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OTT providers these days need to spin up new channels in a hurry. How does 10 to 15 minutes sound?

That's the promise digital video solutions company Telestream is making for OptiQ, a channel-as-a-service solution it announced today. Whether content owners are creating a long-term business or a pop-up event-based site, they can turn to OptiQ for a fast response.

OptiQ contains a channel designer, media orchestrator, and operations dashboard. Integrated monitoring watches for congestion or other problems. Customers can add live or file-based content to their channels. The offering works with multiple cloud storage and delivery options, and will work with private clouds in the future.

The OptiQ approach uses templates to create content workflows, letting customers build in redundancy for more reliable performance. In the event of a failure, the workflow can automatically switch to a different path, if needed, perhaps turning to a backup encoder if the primary encoder isn't working.

Cloud-based OptiQ offers more advantages than just an accelerated time to market, Telestream says. Customers can sample the latest features (such as 4K HDR) without a significant investment.

Telestream acquired IneoQuest in April 2017, and this is the first time Telestream has built IneoQuest's monitoring technology into one of its products. OptiQ is the commercial release of Project Orchid, a self-healing technology the company showed by appointment at IBC 2018.

Telestream's second announcement is also cloud-based: The company is announcing Vantage Cloud Port, a cloud-based extension of its Vantage media processing line. With Vantage Cloud Port, Telestream's media customers have the option to work primarily on local hardware and extend their workflow into the cloud when needed. The hybrid solution spins up cloud resources in what the company calls a "follow your media" workflow.

Vantage Cloud Port will work with existing Vantage products, and is intended for customers already familiar with the line. There's no new system to learn and no training required. With Vantage Cloud Port customers can expand their media processing and delivery operations into the cloud when sudden large jobs come up, ensuring they won't impact daily operations.

The offering's licensing model lets customers only pay for what they use, and the company promises predictable pricing. Cloud Port will be part of the Vantage 8.0 release. Both OptiQ and Vantage Cloud Port will be on display for the first time next month at NAB.

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