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Take Our Second-Screen Application Trends Survey and Win an iPad

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We need your help with a survey on second-screen apps.

While StreamingMedia.com is your source for breaking news on the streaming media industry, there are times when the industry pauses to consider whether a path is merely a passing fad or the beginning of a major trend.

Consider second-screen applications, also known as companion apps: Some are specific to a particular primetime show, while others are more generic. No longer do viewers only talk about a show with those in the same room; today, we’re just as likely to reach for Facebook, Twitter, or companion apps on our smartphone or tablet.

StreamingMedia.com and its sister company, Unisphere Research, are conducting a survey on usage trends for second-screen applications. We'd like to hear what those in the streaming industry have to say.

People in the streaming industry are both consumers and creators of content and applications, so they're the most attuned consumer group when it comes to the future of second-screen apps.

The survey ends on April 11, and everyone who completes it will receive an advance copy of the report to learn how the industry sees the potential of second-screen applications.

The survey is broken into three sections: Section 1 covers personal viewing habits, Section 2 deals with second-screen app features, and Section 3 asks for an expert opinion on the future of second screen growth. The survey takes only ten minutes to complete.

Just in case the survey results don’t entice you to voice your opinion, anyone who completes the survey will be entered into a drawing to win and iPad Mini. Use it to enjoy your favorite companion apps.

Please click to take the survey and thanks in advance for your help. 

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