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Taboola Unveils Taboola Choice, Gives Viewers a Downvote

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Taboola, a recommendation service used by a variety of websites to promote related articles and videos, is expanding its offerings today with the Taboola Choice feature. Previously, site visitors could click to indicate which recommendations they liked, so they would see similar content in later visits. With Taboola Choice, visitors can also indicate which content they don't like.

Taboola Choice presents an X on all recommendations, letting site visitors indicate articles or videos they don't want to see. Once they've done so, they'll never see similar content on any site that uses Taboola recommendations. Current Taboola customers include Time.com, USAToday.com, HuffingtonPost.com, and Weather.com. The company claims to serve 3 billion recommendations each day and have thousands of publishing clients. Taboola Choice democratizes online recommendations, the company says.

The feature benefits publishers as well as site visitors, Taboola notes. The company will stream Taboola Choice data to publishers in real-time, letting them see what content is being selected and what is being banished. That gives publishers more information about how stories and videos are working.

Taboola is headquartered in New York City, with research and development offices in Israel and England. The company raised $15 million in Series D funding in February of this year.

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