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TED-Ed Offers Lessons Worth Sharing on New Video Site

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TED videos have always been educational, and now TED is doing something focused on the classroom.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and it's the name of a set of conferences created to share "ideas worth spreading." The people behind TED have now launched TED-Ed, an elegantly simple site that combines videos and lessons. The idea is that teachers can create lessons around any embeddable online video. They can keep those lessons private or share them and track their usage.

The site launched yesterday and is currently in beta.

Writing in a blog post, Chris Anderson of TED suggests that TED-Ed lessons let students work at their own pace, and open up classroom time for other work. It's based on the idea of "flip teaching," he writes, and lets teachers time-shift lessons to maximize learning time.

Since this is a TED site, it's likely that the best created lessons will go far beyond one particular classroom, and will tech a much larger community.

"It seems to us there are many possible uses of this functionality. Our longer term dream is that we will be able to aggregate the best lessons that teachers create and share them with a wider audience," writes Anderson.

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