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Streaming Video Alliances Lays Groundwork for Caching Layer

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The Streaming Video Alliance (SVA), the nonprofit industry group formed in November 2014 to develop best practices for the future of streaming video, has announced its first results. The SVA's Open Caching Working Group has released a document spelling out its guiding principles and attributes.

The working group is developing standards for a new content caching layer within the ISP network, with the goal of optimizing network capacity use and quality of experience. This open layer will be able to optimize HTTP, HTTPS, and any other delivery protocol.

Additionally, the working group has released seven attributes of an open caching system: It must be open to everyone, universal so that it can work with any stream, use shared resources, treat all content fairly, create alternate network capacity to reduce both ISP congestion and content provider capacity requirements, be software-based, and meet or exceed current quality of experience standards.

The Open Caching Working Group will use these principles as the basis for upcoming proposed Open Caching specification.

“In response to the incredible growth of online video, companies, products and services are evolving to optimize streaming video efficiently and deliver quality of experience that consumers expect,” says Joe DePalo, senior vice president of CDN engineering and operations at Limelight Networks and SVA Board Member. “The SVA’s Open Cache Working Group will help guide this evolution through standards and best practices that define the function of the Open Cache Layer and, ultimately, unleash the benefits of this open architecture for the entire ecosystem.”

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