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Streaming Music Fights Piracy, Says Survey

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The best way to fight music download piracy, it turns out, is to let people stream music. When people are using a streaming music service, such as Slacker or Pandora, they may not own the music and have it stored on their hard drives, but they're still far less likely to download pirated songs.

That information comes from a survey conducted by Norstat on behalf of Asprio Music, a mobile music streaming company.

Streaming has the added benefit of music discovery: as people listen to music channels online, they discover new artists they like, which leads to more satisfaction with the service.

The survey was conducted in Norway this June. One in three Norwegians have streamed music, it found. Of those that streamed, 60 percent felt more up-to-date, 68 percent listened to more music than they did before streaming, and 72 percent said streaming services helped them discover new music.

Far more men than women have streamed music, the survey found: 43 versus 19 percent. Streaming was also far more popular in urban than rural areas (46 percent versus 21 percent).

As for piracy, 54 percent of those surveyed said that streaming music made them stop illegally downloading songs.

"We believe that streaming is a giant step in the right direction, both for people in general and for the music industry, and it is definitely a part of the solution for the future. The key success factor is to develop payment solutions that satisfy the whole music machinery," said Aspiro Music's announcement.

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