SpotXchange Debuts First Call Premium Inventory Service

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Video advertising marketplace operator SpotXchange has announced a service called First Call, which lets premium video content owners sell their inventory through an exchange. By using the self-service First Call, content owners can set their minimum ask price before they serve direct sold or network ad campaigns. The inventory is then put up for bid to SpotXchange's network of hundreds of advertisers.

First Call takes advantage of SpotXchange's real-time bidding ecosystem. Should inventory fail to receive any bids, it automatically gets passed on to the content owner's other buyers. The system lets content owners increase revenue of premium inventory where possible, while still delivering on other ad commitments.

One content owner already increasing revenue with First Call is RealNetworks.

"First Call provided us with access to a robust ecosystem of buyers who were willing to pay higher prices to reach their target audiences at the right time," says Leta Sweasy, who works in AdOperations for RealNetworks. "In just the first few days, we saw an impressive 168 percent increase in our CPMs on the inventory sold via First Call and a massive uptick in revenue. These initial findings will enable us to defend our rate card and support higher rates in our other sales channels."

To sign up, look to SpotXchange's publisher information page.

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