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Sony Turns to Thought Equity Motion for Metadata Management

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In order to gain new value from its existing entertainment content library, Sony Pictures Entertainment is working with Thought Equity Motion for metadata management. TEM's T3 Metadata Editor will let Sony power new consumer offerings by managing content and clearance information.

The T3 Metadata Editor can search content by actor, line of dialogue, location, and other data, which will let Sony create new interactive tools and features for its viewers. They might be able to search for a favorite line and then share that movie moment with friends, for example.

The product can also manage usage restrictions, for potential problems like product placement, talent clearances, and music use. That will let Sony and its viewers re-use properties in new ways, such as online promotions and targeted ads, without worrying about legal restrictions.

TEM's T3 Metadata Editor offers multi-track frame level metadata, and can be used manually or as part of an automated system. It's sold as a module to TEM's Hosted Video Platform.

"We selected Thought Equity Motion for their high-scale video metadata platform," says Peter Ward, senior vice president of information operations and content licensing at Sony Pictures Entertainment. "The massive amount of visual data we work with in movies and TV shows must be textually searchable and mapped to a huge amount of other information-such as clearances, rights and restrictions, and music cue sheets. The more easily we can store and access that information, the smarter we can be in using it."

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