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SnappyTV Unveils Live Video Editor During State of the Union

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The online video world got its first look at SnappyTV during the 2011 State of the Union Address. One year later, SnappyTV is using the 2012 Address to test and promote its new Pro Editor, which works with a cloud-based DVR.

The existing SnappyTV, which debuted last year, is a second-screen system where viewers can watch an event on TV and then instantly grab a video clip of it online to share through blogs or social networks. The PGA and Turner Sports partnered with SnappyTV in August to promote the PGA Championship.

The Pro Editor version, which will debut in beta during the State of the Union (Tuesday, January 24 at 9PM ET) is a much more flexible system. It works with a cloud-based DVR, allowing people to view the Address right on their computer, and to view and clip moments from any place within the speech. Videos can then be shared on blogs or social networks.

Viewers can watch the Address live at http://snpy.tv/sotu2012. Free registration will be required.

"Every month, there are over three billion messages on Facebook and Twitter referencing real-time TV content. This year's State of the Union will drive a massive conversation online, and we enable anyone to publish clips into that conversation as its happening," says Mike Folgner, CEO of SnappyTV.

When the SnappyTV Pro Editor launches as a full version in a couple months, the company will market it to news agencies, sports leagues, and other rights holders, as a system for getting their best live moments online quickly. Pricing for the full version hasn't yet been determined.

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