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Sling TV Is the Most Popular Skinny Bundle, in Over 2M US Homes

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Thanks to research company ComScore, the industry has its first comparative look at the popularity of skinny bundle services. Sling TV is the most popular option, and is found in over 2 million U.S. homes. Households that subscribe to a skinny bundle watch its content for an average of 5.3 hours per day.

This data comes from State of OTT, ComScore's first detailed look at how over-the-top video is viewed.

Households that subscribe to a skinny bundle use it for over half their OTT viewing time (54.6 percent), with Netflix coming next at a distant 17.0 percent.

Sling TV might be the most popular, but DirecTV Now leads in viewing hours: In households that replaced a pay TV service with a skinny bundle, DirecTV Now subscribers average 81 viewing hours per month, while Sling subscribers average 69 hours and PlayStation Vue subscribers average 57 hours.

Looking at all streaming options, ComScore finds that the four most popular services—Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Video—account for nearly 80 percent of viewing time in households that stream OTT content. While Netflix enjoys the highest household penetration, Hulu streams more hours per month to its subscribers.

ComScore's data comes from its Total Home Panel, which measures device usage and content consumption in connected homes. ComScore announced Total Home Panel in May 2017.

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