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Samsung Reveals Roadmap at CES Press Event

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LAS VEGAS—Speaking to an overflow crowd the day before the official open of the Consumer Electronics Show here, executives at Samsung unveiled their products for the coming year, and their roadmap for where home entertainment is going.

While 3D TVs and connected TVs were new topics at last year's CES, they're now market-tested and proven. Samsung, among many others at CES, is moving ahead heavily on both. The company is adding over 40 new TVs to its lineups, many of which bring 3D, HD, and smart features to lower price points.

Some of the new sets will include Samsung's Smart Hub, which includes a Search All feature for finding content on TV, on networked devices, or online. The Smart Hub will also provide recommendations based on a user's viewing history, and offer Web browsing from the TV.

The lineup will include more 3D TVs, including a 75-inch LED model previewed at the show. Samsung will create 16 new plasma TV models.

Samsung also introduced a new 3D Blu-ray disc player lineup, including models that up-convert movies to 3D and connect via Wi-Fi. One model, the BD-D7500, is billed as the world's slimmest 3D Blu-ray disc player.

New accessories for Samsung's sets include lightweight, prescription-ready 3D active shutter glasses, a wireless charger for 3D glasses, and a Skype-certified camera. One impressive add-on, a touch-screen remote, will mirror the action on the screen, in case the viewer needs to leave the room, or can continue to show a live program if the TV is showing a Blu-ray movie.

Finally, Samsung showed off new additions to its Samsung Apps store, mirroring the kind of app experiences people have on smartphones. New additions let sports fans get current scores, access NBA information, and listen to MTV's top 100 trending artists.

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