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SSIMWAVE Introduces Monitoring Tool That Mimics Human Perception

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Video quality monitoring specialist SSIMWAVE today introduced SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Inspector, which is able to mimic human visual perception when analyzing and scoring content.

News 2According to the company, the algorithm that drives VOD Monitor Inspector considers the complexities of cross resolutions, frame rates, and dynamic ranges, as well as variations in content types, devices, workflows, and video delivery methods. Created by company co-founder Dr. Zhou Wang, it predicts how a human being would see a piece of video, and consistently gets 90% or higher correlation with the video's mean opinion score.

VOD Monitor Inspector is light and fast, the company notes, and able to assess HD video in real-time, and SD video in a quarter of its playback time. The solution is targeted to video architects and engineering pros, with possible use cases including evaluations of encoders, creating video profile ladders, and configuring transcoding systems.  

“We convert eyes into software," Wang says. "That one number tells you everything. Its computational simplicity and ability to accurately predict human assessment of visual quality has made it a standard tool in broadcast and post-production houses throughout the television industry. Unlike previous complex error models that required special hardware, it can be easily applied in real-time on common processor software.”

Mimicking the human visual system will lead to better consumer experiences, notes SSIMWAVE CEO Dr. Abdul Rehman, and will help video services hold onto their customers.

Above: The SSIMWAVE SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor Inspector interface

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