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RealNetworks Debuts Tool for Downloading Online Videos

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RealNetworks introduced a consumer video tool today, RealDownloader. The Windows application lets users save their favorite online videos to their desktops. While the application is free, a paid version, RealDownloader Plus ($29.99), will transfer downloaded videos to mobile devices.

RealDownloader works with thousands of sites, the company says, and is able to download multiple videos at once. It's browser agnostic, and can work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. Besides letting users store and view videos, it also lets them share videos through Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or email.

The paid version will download videos at twice the speed. That means the free version has limits built in, so that videos only download at half the speed they could. The paid version can also load videos directly to the owner's iTunes library, as well as transferring videos to BlackBerry, Android, or Windows smartphones.

"With so many videos available online today, it's likely that everyone who uses a computer has wished at some time that they could keep that particularly clever, funny, or meaningful video they've viewed," says Scott Uomoto, senior vice president at RealNetworks. "They don't have to wish any longer. With RealDownloader, they can save that video with just one click and then enjoy it again and share it with friends."

To get a feel for the tool, watch RealNetworks' instructional video, led by Michael Eggerling, the company's social media manager.

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