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Quixel Connect Software Promises 20x Faster YouTube Uploads

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Content owners that upload a large amount of video to YouTube should take a look at Quixel Connect, an application debuting Tuesday at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, California. Quixel Connect uploads YouTube video up to 20 times faster than normal, the company says. Additionally, it speeds content through YouTube's Content ID system up to 50 times faster.

The secret behind its savings is understanding how Content ID works, then simplifying the necessary steps.

"The technology that enables Quixel Connect to achieve such a big increase in upload speed lies in its HyperSync simultaneous encode and upload," says company founder Rob Tucker. "By using the exact encoding and metadata specification for Content ID we were able to reduce file size, automate a large amount of metadata entry, and streamline the previously separate procedures of encode, upload, and server-side transcode into one simple mechanism."

According to Quixel's testing, publishing a three-minute Apple ProRes 4444 video to YouTube and Content ID takes 1 hour 54 minutes, from start to finish. Quixel Connect shaves the upload time to 9 minutes 54 seconds, and the Content ID time to 1 minute 57 seconds.

The company highlights the environmental savings of Quixel Connect, saying that its files reduce data center power consumption by 98 percent.

Pricing starts at £40 per month (about $62 U.S.) for up to 100 minutes of video. Quixel will officially launch the software next week in the StartUp Alley of TechCrunch Disrupt SF.

The Quixel Connect interface

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