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Quicklink and Inmarsat Offer Easy Way to Stream Mobile Video

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Delivering video from remote locations no longer requires a satellite truck, thanks to cellular video multiplexing services. But according to broadcast solutions company Quicklink and global mobile communications services company Inmarsat, there's now an even easier solution than that.

Using technology from both Quicklink and Inmarsat, media sites can stream live video from a cell phone with no camera operator or technician needed. One method has the remote reporter shooting live video with any smartphone (or uploading recorded clips) and connecting to an Inmarsat BGAN network. That video is then streamed to a video site such as Qik, Bambuser, or YouTube. The video output is then directed to Quicklink's Web to SDI application where it's converted to industry-standard SDI for use by a Quicklink Playout server. From there it streams to viewers.

Alternately, Quicklink has created an iOS app called Quicklink LNG, which is free in the iTunes Store. Using the app, a reporter can send video wirelessly to an Inmarsat BGAN network, which hands it off to the Quicklink QMM Lite application. QMM Lite can accept up to five incoming streams at the same time. This application converts the stream to SDI for use by a Quicklink Playout server.

By working together, Quicklink and Inmarsat promise that media companies can stream video even from low-signal areas.

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