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Premium Video Asset Delivery Made Easier With Specification

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It's not glamorous, but it's necessary: Today, the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) and Motion Picture Laboratories (MovieLabs) announced the release of the jointly-created Media Manifest Delivery Core specification, a standard for identifying the assets for movies and television shows that are delivered to online distributors. Included assets might include audio and video files, trailers, subtitles, closed captions, and images.

Premium online video distribution is a global business now, and this specification is intended to help scale up asset delivery, allowing distributors to send assets to over 100 countries quickly and efficiently.

View the full Media Manifest Delivery Core specification on MovieLabs' site.

“The reality of getting online video from the content provider, through the retailer, and ultimately to the consumer is quite complex, and EMA is committed to identifying and promoting ways to generate greater efficiencies in the digital supply chain,” said Mark Fisher, president and CEO of EMA. “The Media Manifest Delivery Core is a significant contribution to that effort and will help ensure the highest quality user experiences across all platforms."

The specification will automate the process of distributing premium content, reducing errors, increasing efficiency, and making it easier for online retailers to expand in foreign markets, said Craig Seidel, vice president of distribution technology at MovieLabs.

The final specification was created by a workgroup made up of MovieLabs personnel and digital retailers who are members of EMA. 

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