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Personalization is Key to Higher VOD Sales, Says Digitalsmiths

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TV metadata specialist Digitalsmiths has just released a white paper on how pay TV operators can increase revenues without raising costs. Revenue from pay TV services is showing signs of slowing and may decline by 2014, says the white paper "Personalized Video Discovery:?Best Practices for Optimizing Revenue Streams." The average U.S. home spends a low $4 per month on video-on-demand content, and that's where growth can occur, the paper suggests.

Personalization can help raise that figure, asserts Digitalsmiths. It lists six areas -- search, recommendations, browsing, social popularity, and mood-based recommendations -- as areas that can be improved with personalized content. Only four percent of viewers know what they want to watch when they sit down in front of their televisions, the paper says. Personalized content helps the rest find programming their like faster.

Besides pointing out areas to improve, the white paper offers best practices to increase satisfaction and engagement. Offer multiple discovery methods, for example, it says. The services should also be powered by rich, deep data, and include a business rules engine that providers can use to control the output of search results. The solution also needs a flexible and scalable framework that will be able to integrate with future vendors.

Download the full white paper for free from Digitalsmiths.

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