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Peer5 Introduces Multi-CDN Service With Support From 15 CDNs

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When 1 or 2 CDNs isn't good enough, how about 15? Video delivery company Peer5 introduced multi-CDN service today, with participation from 15 content delivery networks. Clients can use a single API and know that their content will be distributed via a network of 15 CDNs, depending on which is optimal for any region at any given time.

The 15 CDNs Peer5 works with are Limelight, Microsoft Azure, Akamai, Amazon Cloudfront, Google Cloud, Fastly, Level3, Verizon, G-Core Labs, BunnyCDN, CacheFly, CDNetworks, Cloudflare, Stackpath, and Beluga CDN.

News 2On the backend, Peer5's switching algorithms direct video streams to the fastest route currently available. It promises real-time decisioning down to the segment level. Peer-to-peer distribution assists with last mile delivery.

By combining these 15 CDNs, Peer5 notes it offers a combined throughput of 400 Tbps, which could serve 400 million concurrent viewers each with a 1 Mbps stream. 

Peer5 plans to add even more CDNs to the service in the coming months.

The company started in 2012 as a peer-to-peer CDN. MultiCDN is its second product. The company is based in Palo Alto, California, and counts Turner, Fubo TV, and Sony as customers.

"After seven years of implementing our client-side tech for premium OTT, we knew that multi CDN was a pain point for nearly all," Weiss says. "So, we set out to build a true multi CDN that combines virtually unlimited capacity with smart client- and server-side switching. We are committed to working with as many CDNs and sources of delivery as possible to give our customers the lowest latency in every region."

Photo: The Peer5 MultiCDN dashboard

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